Print Losungen helps in printing School stationeries including school news letter, school prospectus and school magazine

Print Losungen is a promising printing and publishing company that is on the rise leaps and bounds owing to the unmatched customer service and self motivated and client centric approach of work. The print and press business is in existence since time immemorial and the technological development has only improved the reach and quality of printing. We provide good quality paper and printing that is long standing and also in the budget for a mass scale printing. The major areas covered under student stationeries include:

School Prospectus : It is a manuscript that is sent to probable students to pull towards seeking admissions. It more often than not carries details on the subject of the establishment and the existing courses, together with guidance on how to submit an application and the remuneration of joining the course.

School Newsletter : As the schools grow larger and the management expands, the demand to maintain the staff and students on the same page as the management has become an essential need. It has also become challenging. These challenges give rise to the establishment of internal newsletter circulation. The school newsletter mostly contains detailed information of the school’s achievements and accolades from the preceding academic year.

School Magazine : These magazines generally include the annual or monthly activities of schools and the information in them is completely provided by the school administration and students. We publish school magazines that are understated, educational, efficiently aligned.